Timothy Potts Sculpture

About Timothy Potts

Tim Potts at the Bentley Drivers Club, alongside his portrait sculpture of Tim Birkin.

Tim’s career as a designer and sculptor has led him to work with many clients including Bentley, where he worked as a member of the modelling team in the Styling studio. Here he was able to combine his love of automotive design with sculpture.

The wonderful opportunity to redesign the Flying B emblem was the highlight of Tim’s association with Bentley and has led to the production of several Bentley-inspired bronze sculptures, the first of which was a cast of the over-scale maquette for the Flying B, created as part of the design process. This piece, ‘The Flying B Maquette’, can be seen in the ‘Living room’ at the Bentley factory. Tim went on to produce a bronze portrait sculpture of Tim Birkin, ‘The Birkin 137’, commemorating his lap record at Brooklands in 1932.

Tim is delighted to continue his association with Bentley in the creation of further bronze sculptures for the Bentley Collection, celebrating this iconic brand with ‘Timothy Potts Sculpture, Inspired by Bentley’.